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computer graphic "Talisman", an example for digital imaging by Karin Kuhlman.

Title: Talisman
Karin Kuhlmann 2001
Computer Graphic

Digitally edited Photo Collage, worked out with Kai’s Powertools (KPT3) and Adobe Photoshop.
The origiginal photo of the pipe wrench.

The digital image Talisman was developed from the photo of a pipe wrench (as shown on the right side) by using the usual possibilities of image editing. As a first step I  released the pipe wrench with help of the path tool from the crumpled blue background and copied it to a new, transparent layer. Then I worked on the colors to get a more interesting, graphic look and played after it a bit around: Doubled the new form, turned it a bit around and so on. At last I added a new background and choose an image orientated color gradient from purple to blue...and voila, the “Talisman” was born! As an explanation for those who stepped in directly to this page: The digital image Talisman is part of the “Pipe Wrench Project” an internet-experiment from 2001 and belongs to a series of 3 abstract computer graphics. A short introduction about this project, illustrated with my image Talisman, were included into the German Schoolbook: Lesebuch Bausteine 3, Chapter New Media (Publisher: Moritz Diesterweg ) and also into the Austrian Schoolbook Funkelsteine 3 (Publisher: E. Dorner).


© Copyright: All work in this abstract art gallery is the Original Digital Art of the
German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
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Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann