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Digital Art comes alive!
Saptakam is a Sanskrit word and denotes a group of seven.
By Hans-Georg Türstig, Ph. D.

The Saptakam was an online project taking part 2002. A group of seven international artists created a so-called digital artfield for a particular digital or digitalized photo or work of art. The first digital image (A) formed the basis, and artist 1 (who choose that image) created two digital derivations from it (B and C) and send the derivations to two artists of her/his choice: Artist 2 and artist 3.

They each created two new pictures (D,E and F,G) based on that picture and send them to two new artists of their choice: artist 4, artist 5, artist 6, and artist 7. The first artfield was now completed and the next artist, number two started the next one, sending his/her starting images to the artists 3 and 4...and so on.

Have a look at the digital artfields which were 2003 completed:
Regretably the links to Hans-Dieter Grossmann’s and Wayne Cosshall’s artfields are missing.

1. Humility by Hans Georg Tuerstig, USA (please, look under “Projects”!)
2. Beyond by Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany
3. Moving by Hans-Dieter Grossmann, Germany
4. Nothingness by Shankar Barua, India
5. Depth by Parys St. Martin, Australia
6. Beauty by Karin Kuhlmann, Germany
7. Daemon by Wayne J. Cosshall, Australia

Digital netart, the 6th artfield started by Karin Kuhlmann

Digital netart, the 6th artfield started by Karin Kuhlmann

Digital netart, the 6th digital artfield started by Karin Kuhlmann

Karin Kuhlmann initiated the 6th digital artfield titled “Beauty” with the above three images. Click on it to see the complete artfield!

© Copyright: All work in this abstract art gallery is the Original Digital Art of the
German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
For further information please, read the Terms of Use!

Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann