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abstract geometric image composition with lines, squares, rectangles, ellipses and a glowing green magic eye.

Artwork Title: Magic Eye
Karin Kuhlmann 2001
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Geometric abstract

Geometric abstract art created with Adobe Photoshop, Kai’s Powertools and Fractalius.

of the digital art technique used to create this image: The geometric abstract image composition “Magic Eye” was created with Photoshop. As a first step I produced a pattern of vertical lines on a transparent layer with the gradient designer of KPT3. Then I worked on this layer and applied the same pattern but rotated it by 90 degrees and changed the merge mode. As a third step I used a circular merge mode and produced the ellipses. The ready image was copied, inserted to a new transparent layer, decreased and merged with the first layer. At least the image was enhanced with Fractalius.

Series: Non objective abstract digital art with geometric patterns.

Abstract geometric image composition with vertical and horizontal lines. Where the lines cross each other, arise rectangles. In the middle of the image the lines are forming ellipses with a glowing green eye in the center which is somewhat reminiscent of the "magic eye" of the radio receivers from the 50s which used to have a neon green magic eye for setting the channel. That’s the reason why I titled it “Magic Eye”. I created this abstract image with KPT’s Gradient Designer where I first mixed the lines and produced it on a transparent layer. Then I turned the lines by 90 degrees thus made it to rectangles.

Fine Art Prints: The high quality of my abstract digital works allows large fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is individually printed from the original digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

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German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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