Geometric Abstraction, also known as optical art, op art or geometrical art, created with the computer by Karin Kuhlmann

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Geometric Abstraction - optical abstract works:
Throughout of my artistic development, I tend since 2000 more and more toward abstraction. Especially I'm interested to explore the optical and emotional possibilities of different graphic techniques and the experimental game with purely formal geometric shapes. Mathematical abstraction under the direct use of the concrete image elements surface, line, volume, space and color, also known as optical art (op art), geometrical art or geometric abstraction. The images “Rotating Pearls” and “Geometric Abstraction” are created with Ultra Fractal on various layers with changing merge modes. The other 4 images of this page were created with Kai's Power Tools Version 3.0. The color surfaces and transitions have been created with the KPT's "Gradient Designer" which can be controlled via various adaptations and features. I worked with transparent layers which were merged, combined, processed and modified with Adobe Photoshop. The high quality of my abstract digital works allows large fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is individually printed from the original digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

Geometric abstract artwork "Golden Wave", digital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Golden Wave, geometric abstract digital art.

Geometric abstracti artwork"Magic Eye", digital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Magic Eye, geometric abstract digital art.

Geometric abstract artwork "Framed Game", adigital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Framed Game, geometric abstract digital art.

Geometric abstracti artwork "Rotating Pearls", digital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Rotating Pearls, geometric abstract digital art.

Geometric abstracti artwork "Greetings to Vasarely", digital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Greetings to Vasarely, geometric abstract art.

Geometric abstracti artwork "Geometric Abstraction", digital art by Karin Kuhlmann
Geometric Abstraction, geometric abstract digital art.

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