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Fractal image "Life Vests", abstract fractal design with geometric patterns. Digital art (Mathematical) by Karin Kuhlmann.

Artwork Title: Life Vests.
Karin Kuhlmann 2003
Medium: Digital Art (Mathematical)
Art Style: Abstract

Abstract fractal art (Mathematical) created with KPT FraxPlorer.

of the digital art technique used to create this image:

Fractal image “Life Vests” was generated and designed with KPT5 FraxPlorer.

Series: Fractals as Art on
the Subject Spirals by Karin Kuhlmann.


Like music, fractals are a very abstract form of art. Although its creation is bound to strict mathematical rules the results are always amazing and they are - because I’m the one who chooses forms and colours for each of it - also an expression of myself. The geometric fractal image "Life Vests" is a very graphically conceived fractal design in blue, yellow and silver shades with fine drawn geometric patterns and belongs to a series of fractals as art.

Fine Art Prints: The high quality of my fractals allow large fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is individually printed from the original digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

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