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Copyright and Terms of Use
for original works of digital art by Karin Kuhlmann

All texts and original images on KarinKuhlmann.com (works of digital art) are the intellectual property of Karin Kuhlmann and protected by copyright. They may not be saved, copied, printed, reproduced, or altered in any way.

The use on other websites or other media always requires the written permission of the artist Karin Kuhlmann. Any unauthorized reproduction of art work is subject to legal action.

Hotlinking is unwanted!

The original digital images may be used on other sites under the following conditions:

1. The use of digital images in blogs:
The blog must always be in an artistic context. The blog must have no sexist, violent or discriminatory content.
- The images may not be altered in any way.
- There must be no logos or characters copied into the image.
- The format must never be altered, stretched or distorted, eg horizontal- instead of vertical format.
- The copyright-signature must not be cut off.

Mandatory is always to name the image title, the copyright owner and creator of the image (Karin Kuhlmann) and a back link to the source of the image or to the main page http://www.karinkuhlmann.com

The use on other, even non-commercial websites, always require the explicit written permission of the copyright holder Karin Kuhlmann and is only permitted under the following conditions:

2. Educational-, teaching- or study materials.
The use of images and texts from the website KarinKuhlmann.com as teaching material is explicitly allowed and requires no special approval. However, please notice: naming the author Karin Kuhlmann and a back link to the source http://www.karinkuhlmann.com are mandatory.

On a sidenote: Some pupils or students think it is a good idea, to have their essays, term- or research papers on digital art, a digital artist, fractals or art in general, "pep" with an interview or a statement by the artist and send me a long list with questions. However, my very busy day has also only 24 hours ... and as much as I am pleased with the interest, please understand that I can not answer such individual and time-consuming surveys. But feel free to use any image or text from my website...and please don’t forget to cite the source.

3. The commercial use of my digital images is always a charge.
My art can be licensed via ARS (Artists Rights Society) or their affiliated organizations. ARS' terms and conditions are stipulated in writing for the authorization forms and contracts. Rights granted are normally on a non-exclusive basis for a given period, number of copies, and specific territories of distribution. The grant of rights are contingent upon the inclusion of correct copyright credits, and the payment of any applicable fees (even if I decide to donate it!). In some cases, the submission of layouts, color proofs, samples or other materials may be required prior to final authorization. After the license agreement has been signed, please contact me and I will send you the high res file. Please note: I never negotiate license agreements personally!

4. Non-commercial usages
I often get requests from associations but also individuals who want to use my digital images as illustrations for so-called non-commercial purposes with the hint, that it could be a “good advertisement” for me. However, I am not a hobby artist. The quality of my work advertises itself and I need to be paid for my work ... even artists have earthly needs ...

5. The purchase of a print of my digital art and related rights
The purchase of a print of my digital art works only entitles you to use the image privately, eg to hang it on your wall. However, you have no reproduction rights. Copyright and usage rights always remain with the artist. Therefore possible usages always require the written consent of the author of the work (Karin Kuhlmann).

If you have further questions, please contact me at
The information is treated with the same regard as ordinary mail. The information collected is solely to allow me to respond to your inquiry. I do not make any personal information available to any third party.

Author: Karin Kuhlmann