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Digital Paintings and Photo Manipulations, as subrange of Digital Art,
are a combination of digital imaging and painting, and were my first works on the PC so to speak the “entrance drug”. My Digital Paintings in surrealism style were created between 1996 and 1997 on the basis of own photos. At that time I worked with a 386er PC (Windows 3.11.) with a ridiculously small memory. I think the results show that you don’t need super high-end equipment to make good digital art. All you need is imagination and the knowledge how to realise your ideas. That is why it is good to familiarize yourself in a first step with the graphics software and to work through the tutorials provided with each graphics software.

Digital Painting "Giants" surrealistic landscape, digital art
Giants, Digital Painting, Digital Art

Surrealistic computer graphic " Body and Soul", digital photo collage with paintings.
Body & Soul, Digital Painting, Digital Art

in the 7th Corel World Design Contest (1996).

Photo of two Monarch Butterflies, digitally edited. Digital art.
Butterflies, Digital Painting, Digital Art

A couple of butterflies imbedded into a flowery fractal. I succeeded to take this poetic snapshot on the Canarian Island La Palma.

Both images are awarded with HONORABLE MENTION in the 9th Corel World Design Contest (1998).

On La Palma (Canarian Islands), I saw these vivid animals exercising their morning sports. They had not any shy and were fond on being photographed.

I discovered this bewitching creature when I took a walk through the forest. If you never met it...I am sure you did not look towards in the right way...

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