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These early digital art works are done with Corel Photopaint between 1996 and 1997 with comparatively moderate means. The basis of the images are my own photos. Through digitally manipulation, filtering processes and paintings they are transformed into a completely new form and to a completely new visual message.

WINNER OF THE MONTH in the 7th Corel World Design Contest (1996).

Surrealistic landscape with rainbow. Digital Painting, Digital Art
Rainbow, Digital Painting, Digital Art.

Surrealistic landscape with slipper orchid, Digital Painting, Digital Art
A Star is born, Digital Painting
in the 9th Corel World Design
Contest (1998)
Surrealistic landscape with gecco. Digital Painting, Digital Art
Magicpath, Digital Painting

A star is born
I love all kind of flowers
but the real queen of my heart is definetely the orchid. I found this extraordinary beautiful slipper orchid on the Isle Madeira.

This tiny little gecco
climbed freezing on my hand before sunrise. I imbedded it into a sunny landscape.

The Canarian Islands
are said to be the
legendary sunken Atlantis. My Photo Collage of the Isle Lanzarote shows how that could have been looking like.

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