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Digital Artwork "The Message", Digital 3D-Art done with the computer by Karin Kuhlmann. Surrealism.

Artwork Title: The Message
Karin Kuhlmann 1998
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Surrealism

Digital art created with 3d software Corel Dream 3D and Bryce and a graphic tablet. Edited with Corel Photopaint.

Description of the digital art technique used to create this image:

The buildings and also the opened book were created and rendered with Corel dream 3D. Horse and rider were painted with a graphic tablet in Photopaint. The strange flower in the background was developed from a photo and also reworked in Photopaint. Finally, all parts of the scenery were combined in form of a digital collage in Corel Photopaint. I used Kai’s Powertools for some effects.

Series: Early computer art works
by Karin Kuhlmann.


"The Message" is an illustration and personal visual interpretation of the short story "A Message from the Emperor" ("Eine kaiserliche Botschaft") written by Franz Kafka in 1919. The story tells about a very important message that the dying emperor sends just to you, his individual subject.
But for some practical reasons this message never reaches, however, sit at your window and dream the message when evening comes.

I realized this Kafkaesque 3D scenery with Corel Dream 3D, Bryce and Photoshop.
Particularly difficult was to create the open book that mirrors the scene and out of which the horsemen emerge from. For that I had to render the whole scene first and import the bitmap into Corel dream 3D to create the book. Horses and riders were painted with Photoshop and added at last to the scenery.

© Copyright: All images of this website are original digital art works by
German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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