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Digital Art done with the computer by Karin Kuhlmann: Digital 3D-image "Survive". Surrealism.

Artwork Title: Survive,
Karin Kuhlmann 1998
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Surrealism

Digital art created with 3d software Poser and Bryce, edited with Corel Photopaint.

of the digital art technique used to create this image:

The man and the woman were modeled with Poser and imported into a Bryce waterlandscpe. The rendered image was postprocessed with Corel Photopaint.

Early computer art works by Karin Kuhlmann.


The 3D Illustration Survive actually consists of two 3D images that were merged in Photoshop in form of a digital collage and artistically edited. The two persons, the man who's floating in the water and the woman sitting on a stone were created with Poser and imported into a Bryce waterlandscape. To produce a kind of torque, the group of people was duplicated repeatedly and the man is drifting towards a shiny door that opens in the background of the scene. The persons have a gold, metallic surface. This emphasizes the unreality of the scene and the solidification of the people.

The background of this illustration was a very personal experience. My husband was in hospital with a severe infection. His life was hanging on the proverbial "silk thread". I felt very helpless and all I could do was to wait, hope and pray.

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Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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