Digitale 3D-Kunst im Stil der Surrealisten von Karin Kuhlmann

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To create photorealistic or surrealistic Digital 3D-Art, the 3D artist uses one or more 3D programs like Dream 3D, Poser, Bryce, Blender, Raydream, etc.
Each object being part of these 3d sceneries needs first to be constructed individually and positioned at its place in the threedimensional space. This is comparable to a photo studio where you initially have to design and build up everything what you want to photograph before you can begin to shoot. And just as in a photo studio you can set up different camera positions to control your 3d-scenery. Light plays a major role with the 3d design. One can choose between day and ambient light but you can also set accents with punctual spotlights. Finally each scene has to be rendered, what means it has to be converted from the 3-dimensional space into a 2-dimensional image. Such render processes are often very time-consuming. Depending on the used surface materials, the lighting, the image size and the power of the computer processor sometimes several days.

Digital 3D image "Approach", digital 3D art illustration in surrealism style.
Approach, Digital Art (3D)
Digital 3D image "Survive", digital 3D art illustration in surrealism style.
Survive, Digital Art (3D)

The Message (right) is a 3D-composition it complemented with paintings.

Digital 3D image "Bottomless", digital 3D art illustration in surrealism style.
Bottomless, Digital Art (3D)

Four 3d artworks from 1998 created with Corel Dream 3D, Bryce and Poser. The paintings are done with Photoshop and and a Graphic Tablet.

(leftmost) and
Bottomless (left) are both the same 3D-construction but photographed from two different camera positions with changing perspectives.

Digital 3D image "The Message", digital 3D art illustration in surrealism style.
The Message, Digital Art (Mixed Media)

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