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Digital Artwork "Bottomless", Digital 3D-Art done with the computer by Karin Kuhlmann. Surrealism.

Artwork Title: Bottomless,
Karin Kuhlmann 1998
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Surrealism

Digital art created with 3d software Corel Dream 3D, Poser and Bryce.

of the digital art technique used to create this image:

The 3D-scenery was entirely created and rendered with Corel Dream 3D: The water landscape in the background of the image was created and rendered with Bryce and then imported as image to embed it into the scenery. The person, which is mirrored by the floating spheres was done with poser and imported as 3d-object. The red chairs were modeled with Corel Dream 3D and saved as 3d-object to place it into the scenery.

Series: Early computer art works by Karin Kuhlmann.

The surreal 3d illustration “Bottomless” has the same construction and objects as 3d artwork Approach, however the ground was replaced by a highly reflective, water-like surface. The choice of the perspective from above and the vertical format underline the impression of great, nearly infinite depth. The whole room seems to float over a precipice..and one might think to fall into bottomless.

© Copyright: All images of this website are original digital art works by
German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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