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3D image "Approach", digital 3d-scenery. Digital art done with the computer by Karin Kuhlmann. Surrealism

Artwork Title: Approach,
Karin Kuhlmann 1998
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Surrealism

Digital art created with 3d software Corel Dream 3D, Poser and Bryce.

of the digital art technique used to create this image:

The 3D-scenery was entirely created and rendered with Corel Dream 3D: The water landscape in the background of the image was created and rendered with Bryce and then imported as image to embed it into the scenery. The person, which is mirrored by the floating spheres was done with poser and imported as 3d-object. The red chairs were modeled with Corel Dream 3D and saved as 3d-object to place it into the scenery.

Series: Early computer art works by Karin Kuhlmann.

Digital 3D Art was in 1997 my great passion. As a photographer, I found it fascinating to create a complete 3D scenario and to light and to photograph it. My surreal 3d illustration “Approach” was entirely constructed and rendered with Corel Dream 3D. The digital 3D scene consists of numerous single objects which had to be at first constructed and positioned in the 3-dimensional space.

Particularly difficult were the floating, transparent and reflecting spheres. Because they mirror the entire room from different perspectives and angles and also what is behind the camera, I had to build a closed room. If you look closely you can see a man who's just entering the room mirrored in the first sphere in the foreground. The floating spheres are connecting to a water landscape, which is visible through the opened door in the background. The surreal water landscape "Cascade" is a complete image in itself. It was created with Brye and imported as bitmap into the 3d scenery.

The red stools are designed as cross-sections in Corel Dream 3D. In cross-sections means they were built in one piece. One starts with the four legs and works its way up to the back of the chair (in between are countless crashes...). To get the nice cold side light on doors and stools I've worked with spotlights. Because of the many transparent and reflective surfaces the 3d scenery Approach had an extremely long render times of 48 hours.

The idea behind the 3D picture was to describe the approach to the new medium Digital Art. The chairs are an invitation to visitors and viewers to sit down and to look around and to become familiar with
this new art form.

 "Approach" has been used as cover illustration for the College Levelbook "Foundations of Algorithms, using Java Pseudocode" (Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Computer Science, USA) and it illustrates also the 7th grade textbook "Spotlight on Art" (Art Education Program) published by Scott Foresman, USA.  In the German schoolbook "Kommunikation fuer berufliche Schulen - Kommunikation com.pakt" “Approach” illustrates the chapter about “Hypermedia Communication”, published by Europa Verlag.

"Approach"was also included in an Austrian school book on "Art in the Age of the Internet" published by VBK Austria.

© Copyright: All images of this website are original digital art works by
German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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