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These early 3D Artworks in Surrealism Style are some of my very first works of Digital Art. They are created with Corel Dream 3D, Poser and Bryce and comprehensively postprocessed with Adobe Photoshop. Most of them are Mixed Media because there are different programs involved and they are completed with paintings. The Paintings are done with a graphic tablet.

3D-image "Escape", Digital Art, 3D Artwork in Surrelism Style
Escape, Digital Art, 3D Art

3D-image "Lift off", Digital Art, 3D Artwork in Surrelism Style
Lift off, Digital Art, Mixed Media

Digital Dream

3D-landscape, surrealistic, Surrealism, Digital Art, 3D Artwork in Surrelism Style
Cascade, Digital Art, 3D Art

Cascade - the dream
to see some day
something really unique.
But are we ready to see it?

3D-image "Chains", Digital Art, 3D Artwork in Surrelism Style
Lost Paradise, 3D-Illustration

Escape - There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.
Lost Paradise- The dream of eternal youth...
but unfortunately only a dream?

3D-image &Hall of Fame", Digital Art, 3D Artwork in Surrelism Style
Hall of Fame, Digital Art, 3D Art

Lift off - The dream of flying...who hasn’t ever dreamt it?
Hall of Fame - with many ways in and many ways out...and high flying dreams...

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