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Surrealistic Landscape "Cascade", Digital Art, 3D Art, Surrealism

Artwork Title: Cascade,
Artist: Karin Kuhlmann 1997
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Surrealism

Digital art created with 3d software Bryce and Corel Dream 3D.

of the digital art technique used to create this image:

The complete water landscape “Cascade” was designed and rendered with Bryce. The red chair is an imported object, modeled with Corel Dream 3D.
I created “Cascade” as background image for my digital art works “Approach” and “Bottomless”.

Series: Early computer art works by Karin Kuhlmann.

Surrealistic water landscape with rock formations, reflective, floating spheres and a red chair. From the highest rock gushes a cascade of sparkling water. Rendertimes about more than 24 hours are not unusual while working with 3D-Programs. As I worked 1997 only with an AMD K6 Processor with 550 MHZ, I needed more than 38 hours to render the 3D-landscape Cascade. (Rendertime defines the time that the computer needs to transform the 3D-datas to 2D-datas). The surrealistic 3D Artwork Cascade belongs to an early series of 3D-computer art by Karin Kuhlmann.

"Cascade" was included in the 8th grade textbook Art Education Program, title: "Spotlight on Art”. Publisher: Pearson Education Inc., publishing as Scott Foresman (USA).

© Copyright: All images of this website are original digital art works by German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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