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Abstract flower artwork "Flower Power", digital art (fractal) by Karin Kuhlmann

Artwork Title: Flower Power
Karin Kuhlmann 2012
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Abstract

Abstract fractal design on the subject flowers. The image “Flower Power” was created with Apophysis and artistcally edited with Adobe Photoshop to get the finely tuned translucent colour scheme and the painterly quality.

Rendered in luminous watercolor technique “Flower Power” is specially designed for large format fine art prints up to 60 inch.

Series: Fractals as art on the topic abstract flowers created in a painting like style.


Delicate translucent floral composition with a fine drawn blue flower blossom in the center and finely graded luminous paint scheme in red, purple and yellow. “Flower Power” belongs to my most recent series of painterly abstract flower creations based on fractal flames, designed for large, decorative fine art prints up to 60 inch x 45 inch.

Fine Art Prints: The high quality of my abstract flowers compositions allows large fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is individually printed from the original digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

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German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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