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Painterly abstract artwork "Expression of Joy", abstract digital art in the style of the abstract expressionists by Karin Kuhlmann.

Artwork Title:
Expression Of Joy
Karin Kuhlmann 2008
Medium: Digital Art
Art Style: Abstract Art,  Expressionism

Description: Easy and atmospheric abstract composition as an image of good mood and an expression of pure joy.

Series: Poetic Lyrical Contemplations. I worked on this series since 2000 to capture moments, moods and memories. The artwork “Expression of Joy” is based on fractal flames, done Apophysis and artistically edited with Adobe Photoshop. The focus of these digital creations are color, subjective perceptions and emotions. An outstanding feature of this series in abstract expressionist style is the high translucency and the painterly quality of the images. The high quality of the digital file allows large fine art prints up to 60 inch.

Easy and atmospheric illustration as an image of good mood and an expression of pure joy. The fine painterly quality of this delicate abstract illustration was obtained through intense editing with Photoshop. The abstract digital painting “Expression Of Joy” belongs to an abstract series of “Poetic Lyrically Contemplations” I’m working on since 2003 to capture moments, moods and memories.

Fine Art Prints: The high quality of my abstract digital works allows large fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is individually printed from the original digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

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German Digital Artist Karin Kuhlmann. All Rights Reserved.
Text Author: Karin Kuhlmann

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