Digital Art and Computer Art by Karin Kuhlmann.

abstract digital art
Abstract Art

Digital Art and Computer Art by German Artist Karin Kuhlmann (digital-still-imaging) featuring her digital works created with her computer from the beginning of the Multimedia Era until today.

Online with her website since 2000 her works have become primary resource materials for students and teachers from all over the world working on anything from homework, essays, lectures and term papers through to dissertations on computer graphics or a digital artist. Some of her works have been used as cover illustrations for schoolbooks and dissertations but also to illustrate chapters on new art, new media, hypermedia communication, mathematics and fractals in several educational programs and schoolbooks around the globe.

Her online galleries comprise contemporary surreal 3D-art, digital photo manipulations, computerpaintings, mixed media, digital collage and fractal art with an emphasis on experimental abstract art based on flames and fractals. An outstanding feature of her luminous abstract artworks in the style of the abstract expressionists is the translucent, intensive color design and the painterly quality of the images achieved through comprehensive artistic image editing with Photoshop. The main topic of most fractals is almost always a spiral. These very graphically conceived fractal images are characterized by depth and finely tuned color harmonies.

Fine Art Prints:
The high quality of these digital artworks allows large sized fine art prints up to 60 inch. Each print is printed out individually from the orginal digital file and can be shipped worldwide.

fractals as digital art Fractals as Art

Throughout the years Karin Kuhlmann worked on several series of abstract art, created with fractals or flames and various fractal and graphic software:

1. Series Fractals as Art (Digital Art and Computer Art)
Graphically conceived fractal images mainly on the subject spirals with fine tuned color harmonies and spatial deepness.

2. Series Poetic Lyrical Contemplations
(Abstract Expressionism Art)

Delicate and sensitive non objective digital art works in the style of the abstract expressionists reflecting subjective feelings moods and memories. These digital works, which were created with Flames (a kind of fractals), are characterized by high translucency (light transmission) painterly quality and the luminosity of the digital images. This was achieved through the individual artistic image editing and design with Photoshop

5. Series Double Spirals (Mathematical Art)
Three dimensional double spirals as sensuous, poetic and surreal fractal landscapes created with Apophysis. These organic spiral landscapes are characterized by their depth and a strong symmetrical oriented image design.

6. Series White Spatial Spirals (Mathematical Art)
Breathtaking inside and outside views of white spatial fractal spirals created with Apophysis. To underline the pure futurist form they are predominantly black and white.

8. Series Abstract Flowers (Fractal Design)
Series of beautiful, uniquely designed abstract flower arrangements in strikingly lovely and extraordinary color harmonies. These fractals were created with Apophysis.

digital art in abstract expressionism style
Abstract Expressionism

digital art fractals on the topic double spirals Double Spirals, Fractal Art

digital art, lyrical abstract
Lyrical Abstraction

digital art fractals on the topic white spirals White spatial spirals, Fractal

digital art in expressionism style Expressions of Joy and Being

digital art - abstract flowers based on fractals Abstract Flowers, Fractal Art




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